Sanitation systems

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The focus in this category is on technologies required along the sanitation chain - toilets, transport and treatment (but not reuse as this is in a separate category called "Resource recovery").
Re: Trapping odours in Waterless u ...
by ToluPosh
09 Dec 2019 16:47
Note: Most of the toilets here are without urine diversion (except for the composting and container-based systems which can be with or without urine diversion).
Re: The contribution of unroofed s ...
by muench
04 Dec 2019 05:06
Re: Evaluation of Faecal Sludge Tr ...
by mafpinto
11 Dec 2019 15:45
Re: A research project that intend ...
by goeco
11 Dec 2019 12:18
Re: Looking for contacts from Norw ...
by povington
05 Dec 2019 14:39
A humanitarian WASH update
by campbelldb
21 Nov 2019 17:02
Re: Launch of English Language San ...
by leonazareth
21 Oct 2019 18:17
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