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The SuSanA Forum has been making knowledge, ideas, and debates around sustainable sanitation accessible to everyone since 2011. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and dissemination of results. 

From October 2021 onwards, the SuSanA Forum will rely primarily on your donations to continue to fund the Forum moderation work - to keep the Forum alive, vibrant, friendly and free of spam. If you find the SuSanA Forum helpful in your work and want to see it continue to exist, please consider contributing to its running costs through the online donation form below, either as a one off or as a monthly/ quarterly/ yearly contribution. Every contribution is appreciated! 

Your contribution will help keep the SuSanA Forum active and running thereby contributing to SuSanA’s vision.

Note: SuSanA is not an organisation or a legal entity but an informal network. All Partners and Members of SuSanA contribute their own resources to SuSanA activities on their own initiative and without an obligation towards the other Partners and Members. The SKAT Foundation contributes to the SuSanA network in offering moderation for the SuSanA Forum. The SKAT Foundation engages Forum moderators on its own responsibility and using its own resources (including a Grant from GIZ). In order to ensure financial sustainability for the Forum Moderation, SKAT foundation collects donations from SuSanA Partners and Members via the donation button. The donations collected via this donation-button are exclusively foreseen to finance the moderation of the SuSanA Forum. Incoming donations are only reaching SKAT Foundation and not GIZ or any other SuSanA-Partner or Member. The fund-raising platform "Raise-Now" as an external service-provider receives and administer incoming donations on behalf of the SKAT Foundation.

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