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This category contains practical information regarding the work of SuSanA's working groups and regional chapters, for example surveys, meetings or factsheets. This category is not meant to be used for thematic discussions.
Coordinators: Sareen Malik and Keitumetse Tsubane
Webinar series - Water Utility ...
by Chaiwe
06 Sep 2023 17:18
Re: Request - Master thesis on WAS ...
by Kebede
20 Sep 2023 08:18
Achieving Paradigm Shift in Sa ...
by laran86
12 May 2020 10:08
Presentación virtual de SuSanA ...
by elka
25 Sep 2023 19:22
Re: Making the SuSanA Capacity Dev ...
by Elisabeth
22 Dec 2020 14:28
Leads: Dorothee Spuhler, Laura Kohler
Re: Capacity development surveys
by meleesa
04 Sep 2023 14:02
Leads: Ada Oko-Williams, John Sauer
Re: Update of the SuSanA Factsheet ...
by joshpalfreman
23 Nov 2018 12:35
Leads: Thorsten Reckerzügl, Sören Rüd
New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction ...
by MartinKerres
13 May 2022 18:31
Leads: Charles Niwagaba, Chris Zurbruegg, Sudhir Pillay
Re: What has happened lately in th ...
by eshaylor
28 Dec 2017 09:53
Re: Proposed meeting of SuSanA Wor ...
by wro
13 Jun 2023 10:03
Leads: Christoph Luethi, Prit Salian, Abishek Sankara Narayan
The Quality of Life in the Cit ...
04 Aug 2023 10:08
Leads: Belinda Abraham, Bella Monse
Re: 31st SuSanA Meeting: Safe Reop ...
by Chaiwe
10 Feb 2022 09:08
Leads: Dan Campbell, Arno Coerver
How cholera has impacted the s ...
by blevira
12 Oct 2022 17:59
Re: Please say hello in SuSanA Edi ...
by Carol McCreary
20 Mar 2017 15:12
Looking for case studies for a ...
by AlexandraDubois
21 Jun 2023 10:33
Leads: Karen Villholth, Leif Wolf
Re: New working group co-lead for ...
by karengrothe
20 May 2019 16:00
Leads: Jovana Dodos, Abdullah al Ahad
Re: Working Group 12 meets in Stoc ...
by Jona
17 Oct 2019 15:53
Leads: Sarah Dickin, Om Prasad Gautam
Re: The Wikepidia article on Handw ...
by Chaiwe
14 Oct 2022 18:36
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