Dutch Septic Tank, DST - without concrete!


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Re: Dutch Septic Tank, DST - without concrete!

Thank you colleagues for the responses!

I want to attach a picture of the given plastic PVC solution - to share with you.

Actually, the company states that this solution must not be lined in a brick framework. Instead just to be positioned in the soil and covered. It will redirect greywater into a soak pit.
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Re: Dutch Septic Tank, DST - without concrete!

Dear Andreas,

It seems the design you posted is a rigid plastic tank like structure, that can probably be installed underground without any lining of the pit, as you say. The start of this thread was another design, which is more like a plastic bag, for which some of us feel the pit should be lined with stones.

Two brief questions:
1.) Is the septic tank you posted made locally (in Kenya?)
2. How does it compare cost wise with a brick/concrete structure?


Marijn Zandee

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Re: Dutch Septic Tank, DST - without concrete!

Andreas, it looks to me more like typical PE-tanks...
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