Citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) Draft Principles and Framing - Feedback and Suggestions

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CWIS Draft Principles and Framing - Feedback and Suggestions

Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) has widely been embraced as a paradigm shift by our sector with development partners, academics, NGOs, Governments and many others actively working towards this approach. The Frontiers Journal articles , CWIS site and Water Currents topic coverage are examples to this.

Post a global convening in Manila in 2018 where there was discussion and debate around CWIS, a set of draft principles were formed in April 2019. This was then the topic of the Working Group 6 meeting in Stockholm in August 2019, where a number of experts joined and gave very useful feedback. This current draft is based on the outcomes of this meeting, and feedback from other individual expert discussions.

Since CWIS is a collective step forward, and therefore an opportunity for gaining sector-wide consensus, it is important to gain clarity on what the term is and could be. It would be of great value to discuss this and collect a wide range of feedback.

Please find attached a draft of the CWIS principles. It is a 1 page brief, and has a framing (not a definition) with scope for the evolving concept. The six principles attempts to cover all aspects of the urban sanitation gold standard, but your comments are welcome on whether all six are necessary conditions, or if its enough that they are contextually considered while planning and implementation.

Please do provide your feedback on this and help create more perspectives for all our work towards CWIS !

Looking forward to participate in the discussions.

Abishek S Narayan
Co-lead for SuSanA WG6: Cities
Doctoral Researcher, Eawag-Sandec
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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