dry toilets in traditional earthen architecture in Mali (Timbuktu, Jenne)


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dry toilets in traditional earthen architecture in Mali (Timbuktu, Jenne)

I'm looking for information about traditional dry toilets in Sudanese style earthen buildings in Mali (Jenne or Timbuktu). Every reference I find is very basic with no details on how the toilets were emptied or what happened to the material.

Does anyone here know or could point me in the right direction?  

This is a description I found about earthen houses in Jenne:
Dry latrines upstairs- Collected liquids carried outside through a pottery pipe to a receptacle emptied daily. Solids collected in a banco
receptacle, one of whose walls faces the street, and which is emptied every 2 years.

This article provides all the info I'm looking for, but it's about the M'zab region.

Thank you for any information you have! 

Kind regards,
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