SFD for Accra?


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Re: SFD for Accra?

Hi David,
For Accra I have not seen one, only for the cities you already mentioned. Over time I have seen a few 'unofficial' ones but I do not recall who produced them, but as far as I remember they were always focussed on specific area's.

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  • PhD candidate with the WEDC at Loughborough University (UK), looking into the recycling of water and nutrients to improve the resilience and food security of smallholder farmers a, and particularly how to foster an enabling environment for the successful implementation of sustainable & safe schemes at scale (e.g., behavior change, governance)
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SFD for Accra?

Hello everyone,

I'm a PhD student preparing for my fieldwork in Accra. I'm trying to better understand the sanitation landscape and thought a Shit Flow Diagram would be helpful. I looked on sfd.susana.org/, and found SFDs for Kumasi, Tamale and Wa, but not for Accra.
Is there something else somewhere? or is an SFD for Accra underway, maybe?

Thank you,
David Galibourg
Doctoral researcher
WEDC, Loughborough University, UK

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