Equity and inclusion

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This category is about: Leave No One Behind (LNOB), equality and non-discrimination (started in February 2020 on initiative by WSSCC)
Re: Update to the Compendium of Ac ...
by abhakta
25 Feb 2020 12:30
Re: What happens when things go wr ...
by CharlotteM
25 Feb 2020 08:35

Gender issues (19 topics)

Key documents for the sub-cate ...
by muench
14 Feb 2020 15:10

Sanitation workers (16 topics)

Note: Posts on pit emptying technologies are to be found in the category on "Sanitation systems, FSM".
Re: India bans human waste scaveng ...
by pkjha
20 Feb 2020 10:17
Key documents for the sub-cate ...
by muench
20 Feb 2020 03:25
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