Solicitation for Manual Pump Testing Partners


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Solicitation for Manual Pump Testing Partners

Hi All,

Beaumont is currently looking for organizations interested in testing the Beaumont Manual Pump developed with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The testing is expected to begin in June and last approximately six months.

The field testing is intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the manual pump prior to entering volume production. With that in mind, we are looking for partners that can retain appropriate laborers to use the pump in day-to-day operations, monitor their use of the pump, and provide regular detailed feedback to Beaumont during the course of the testing.

The operators of the pump should currently work as manual pit/tank emptiers and preferably be an organization that your organization has a relationship with. We will be able to offer a daily stipend for their use of the pump. While we do not expect the pump to decrease their efficiency, we will also offset any actual loss of revenue, if any, as a result of using the pump. The operators will be expected to:
  • Use the pump with as many appropriate pits/tanks as possible.
  • Treat the pump as they would their own equipment. We do not want it to be treated as if it were a piece of valuable lab equipment or handled particularly carefully.
  • Maintain the pump as recommended in the owner manual so that the pump does not experience unnecessary damage due to neglect.
  • The user, or your organization, must be able to store the pump in a secure location so that it is not “lost”, which would delay the testing
  • The user will need to report daily how much the pump was used, what the conditions were, and identify any issues, strengths, and weakness.
  • The user, or a representative of your organization, will need to record the following information about the use of the pump at each location (subject to change):
  • Location (urban, rural, street width, etc.)
  • Vault Type (septic tank, latrine pit, etc.)
  • Sludge Type (liquid, solids, mixture)
  • Pump set-up and take-down time
  • Pumping time
  • Volume pumped
  • Number of people needed to run the pump
  • If the pump breaks or has difficulty, what is it that breaks, what was being pumped or what were the circumstances (i.e. pumping solids or the pump was dropped when taking it off the truck)
  • What features work well, what features could be improved upon (suggestions welcome)?
  • Household size feeding the vault contents
The user should also be able to provide comments about the pump that will allow Beaumont to better meet the needs of the users.

Your organization will be expected to do the following:
  • Select an appropriate firm to use the pump
  • Assist in training the users in the use and maintenance of the pump
  • Monitor the use and maintenance of the pump
  • Process the reports provided by the user, or monitor the use of the pump on a daily basis and provide weekly reports to Beaumont, including written descriptions and photographs.
  • Assist in the sourcing of components and making repairs to the pump, if necessary
If your organization is interested in being considered as a testing partner, please provide a proposal for the work that includes a brief description of your organization and your selected emptying service, and a quote for the work. The proposal should include:
  • Location and description of the community where the emptying will be performed
  • Rates and fees associated with the service provider
  • Rates and fees associated with your management of the testing
  • Issues that may arise if the pump is imported to you and cost associated with tariffs
  • A description of the pits/tanks and sludge properties in the region
  • Your internal and external capabilities for performing maintenance and making repairs (tools, metal working, etc.)
  • Additional information that demonstrates why you would make a good testing partner.
If you have any questions, please email Jenelle Van Eynde (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Proposals need to be submitted by February 20, 2016.


Andrew Whitesell
President/Founder of Beaumont
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