New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)


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Re: New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)

Dear Sujoy,

Great to hear from you. Which alliance did you mean when you said "CSS is also a member of the Alliance"? I thought you meant to say that CSS is a partner of SuSanA but I can's see CSS in the partner database ( ).

If you have expertise in the field of climate change, could you help me with the question I asked about climate vulnerability of developing countries here?:

Your inputs would be much appreciated.

You can find further discussions about WASH and climate change here on our discussion forum:

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
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Re: New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)

Hi Astrid.
Greetings from Sujoy in Kolkata, India.

I like the topic you are co-leading and would like to join the group and becoming involved in discussing about water and climate change.

I am an engineer by training , but like to think of myself as an aspiring social scientist. I am co-founder of a start-up non-profit, called the Center for Sustainable Solutions or CSS, and our primary interest is in the WASH and Clean energy domains. CSS founder members are senior professionals with demonstrated capacity in the implementation of large scale BCC interventions in rural sanitation and drinking water. CSS is also a member of the Alliance.

The well-being of communities in some of the areas where we are currently working are critically dependent on water , yet we observe that their behaviour towards water is not appropriately tuned. Without appropriate behavioural modifications , the impact of climate change could have disastrous impact on these communities .

Looking forward to more from this working group.

Best Regards
Sujoy Chaudhury
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New WG 3 Co-Lead: Introduction of Astrid Michels (GIZ)

Dear SuSanA Working Group 3 members,

I am pleased to support Stefan Reuter as a Co-Lead for WG 3 on Renewable energies and Climate Change.

Please let me introduce myself briefly: I am currently managing a global programme on climate change mitigation at GIZ, the “Water and wastewater companies for climate mitigation” (WaCCliM). I am an aquatic ecologist by training and have specialized in climate change science during a postdoc at Queen’s University (Canada).

I am delighted to be a co-lead for WG 3. Water and climate change are intrinsically linked. The international community is more and more recognizing the key role that water plays in adaption and mitigation to climate change. As such, SuSanA cannot only support the achievement of SDGs by promoting sanitation systems but also support the implementation of the Paris Agenda and ist water related climate targets.

Looking forward to working with you,


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