2020 World Toilet Day Updates from the Container Based Sanitation Alliance


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  • I am an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon. I research water and sanitation solutions in resource-constrained environments. I am also the Chair of the Container Based Sanitation Alliance.
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2020 World Toilet Day Updates from the Container Based Sanitation Alliance

Sharing a couple of new resources on container-based sanitation for your perusal (You can find all these resources at the newly launched CBSA website ( https://cbsa.global/ )):

Container-Based Sanitation implementation guide What is container-based sanitation, why is it needed and what does implementation look like? This new resource provides an introduction to CBS business models, technical specifications, health and safety and monitoring and more.

How cost analysis dispels myths about container-based sanitation
EY research looking at CBS cost effectiveness . 

And with climate change and sustainable sanitation in mind this World Toilet Day, also sharing a few recently published resources looking at the climate change mitigation potential of CBS systems:  Supporting the shift to climate positive sanitation  Virtual UNC Water and Health poster presentation 

Lastly: A paper published in 2019 on the potential and barriers to taking CBS to scale 
Kory C. Russel
Assistant Professor | Landscape Architecture | Environmental Studies
College of Design | College of Arts and Sciences
University of Oregon

Chair of Container-Based Sanitation Alliance

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