Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

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Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

Another advantage - portability.

As for thermophilic composting, it just happened. I saw the last heap reach the mid-140s (F) and I don't check it very often. An older one got over the 150-degree mark - almost combustible! I didn't 'do' anything to start this.

I have one of the Reotemp thermometers and it generally shows an in-use heap as being around the bottom end of 'steady' (80 degrees F) for quite some time. At this stage, it's absolutely writhing with worms.

TIn use, the heap is always covered with a thin layer of straw. We rake the straw to the sides and plonk the doings in the middle, put a bit of fresh straw over it. So, as the heap gets higher, you're building a 'wall' of pushed-away straw around it. This must help keep the temperature constant.

We closed a heap on St Patrick's day and the temperature is still in the low eighties. If it all goes to plan, those worms will consume what they want and migrate downwards (or sideways to the new heap) and the thermonuclear organisms will have their go. I'll try to remember to come back here and post when it goes critical. 8-)

We tried using rubbish bins with lids, with holes in the bottom but you need lots of bins, even with just the two of us, so that was a failed experiment.

I am also looking for a good composting toilet and now I'm choosing from both www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B009Z7EK...m=0&tag=ventlessr-20 and Wisepick (link had to be deleted), maybe anybody used it (or something others) and can recommend?
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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

There are so many different composting toilets out there to choose from. Good to see that you can now even buy them on Amazon! I see 128 customer reviews for the Nature's Head composting toilet. That should give you some good pointers already. (I usually find such customer reviews very helpful)

If you have specific technical questions or can provide more details on the context of your question, then please feel free to come back to the forum. A general buyer's guide is probably beyond what people are able or willing to provide here on the forum.


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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

In case you haven't found the information you were looking for. We did a lot of research before we purchased our composting toilet. We went with the Nature's Head due to its ease of use and reviews that we saw regarding it. We used the following which helped as it outlines the pros and cons of the toilets. Composting Toilet Guide
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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?


Sorry for seeing this so late, I bet you have already got the toilet by this stage. Anyway, just for the benefit of the forum I'll say my piece:

Thank you so much for your email. There are two types of composting toilet . An "internal composting toilet" and a "urine diverting compost toilet". The internal composting one does not separate solids and liquids and the waste breaks down to compost in the unit which means you never have to deal with raw waste. The urine diverting one separates the solids and the liquids but does not break the solids down to compost in the unit - you do that outside in a composting bin. You can read a full explanation here:


Examples of the urine diverting:

Natures Head
Air Head

Examples of the internal Composting:

Sun Mar

We are the dealer for some of these brands. The advantage of the urine diverting one is that there is no maximum capacity as you are not waiting for composting to happen. The waste comes out in containers unbroken down. The advantage of the internal composting one is that the material breaks down in the unit so taking of the composted material is less frequent and more pleasant. Hope that helps

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Re: Which composting toilet to choose - recommendations, please?

I know its too late for the reply but still here's my experience,

At first I was too worried about using a composting toilet,But with time I learned a lot about it by reading different sources.The only main concern was how would I teach my child using one as he will get hesitant using it as he is not used to it, I got a source topreviewedten.com/all-about-composting-toilets/ which helped me a lot to teach my child using composting toilet and has a lot of beneficial information too.I hope this might help you.

I have bought Nature's Head Dry composting toilet after reading the reviews of the customers and going through this source topreviewedten.com/best-composting-toilet/ its been a few weeks of using and it works well

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The discussion continued here but focused more on the definition of a composting toilet:
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