Sludge moisture content meter/sensor


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Sludge moisture content meter/sensor

I am looking for a moisture content sensor/meter that would help me in monitoring the sludge moisture content daily while the sludge is on the unplanted sludge drying bed. Hence it should have a large window range of max and mini moisture content level sensitivity. I am from Bangalore, India. Any contacts of suppliers or any product details would be really helpful inorder to conduct my experiment. 
Thanks in advance. 
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Re: Sludge moisture content meter/sensor

Hello Hiranya.
A colleague of mine who is working on developing a low-cost instrument to measure soil moisture opines that a the same instrument could be used to measure moisture content in sludge provided it can read from 0-100%. 

I'd also bring to your attention this thread regarding  Faecal Sludge Field Laboratory - Discussions . The list of equipment for a FSFL includes this:  Soil Moisture Sensor Vernier SMS-BTA

Hope this helps.

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