When Nature calls, take action! What do you do on UN World Toilet Day?


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When Nature calls, take action! What do you do on UN World Toilet Day?

Do you run the Urgent Run , march for improved (school) toilets, are you part of a flashmob or discuss sanitation and health in a webinar with us?

Are you participating in the World Toilet Summit Mumbai and the SuSanA India Chapter meeting and Insight Series? Even Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar (Padman, Toilet - Ek prem Katha) is celebrating WTD at the World Toilet Summit 2018..

Do you post a selfie with your favorite toilet cleaner? #HonourOurCleaners

I find it inspiring and motivating to see many creative, informative and awareness raising celebrations around World Toilet Day 2018. Let us collect activities, campaigns, workshops and ideas from all over the world here.

On the official World Toilet Day website , you can find inspiring stories, download posters, logos and guidelines to make waves and see a global World Toilet Day event database! Dan Campbell also posted a list of events around WTD here .

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  • Work for CAWST, focused on developing educational tools to develop capacities in sanitation
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Re: When Nature calls, take action! What do you do on UN World Toilet Day?

For World Toilet Day, CAWST dropped sanitation knowledge by sharing a new, interactive learning tool to share the basics of sanitation. The tool explains sanitation systems, the key design components of a latrine, the ideal non-sewered sanitation system, and the impact of sanitation on health.

You can muck around with it here: www.cawst.org/worldtoiletday#/
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