Please join the Honour Our Cleaners Campaign!

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WG9: Please join the Honour Our Cleaners Campaign!

Dear WG9 and all SuSanA members

World Toilet Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our work. Of course we'll be talking about the compelling challenges of meeting the goal of SDG 6.2. But apart from the enormous problems, let's make some good news by honoring the people who clean and maintain the toilets we use.

Jack Sim and Sarika Saluja of of the World Toilet Organization have launched the Honour Our Cleaners Campaign Cleaners make all the difference! They deserve our respect and gratitude. Toilet maintenance is not easy work and The best-designed toilet facilities fail if they are not maintained and in time become unusable. Conversely, a simple toilet that is well scrubbed and supplied is likely to be respected by users.

"Let's honor them," says Jack, " with a Selfie of Thanks or Thumbs Up encouragement this World Toilet Day."

Step #1 Take Selfie with your favourite Toilet Cleaner
Step #2 Post on social media and hashtag #HonourOurCleaners
Step #3 Tell your friends to do the same on 19 Nov UN World Toilet Day!

Honor your cleaner! Wherever you poop. It’s sooooooo easy! The Honour Our Cleaners campaign concept is very simple. Just say "Thank You!" As individuals we can personally and publicly thank the people who clean the toilets we use. Our organizations can also applaud our cleaners and facility managers.

One challenge here in North America is that some people don't know their cleaners. They live in big cities and work in high-rise buildings where toilets are cleaned after business hours by corporate cleaners. So we talked about it.

“I'm going to tape a big THANK YOU to the mirror in the restroom."
“You can post a notice about WHY you are doing it. With some messages about World Toilet Day and SDG 6.2."
"Also show public gratitude because you have a toilet cleaner. Because this also means you have a toilet that can be cleaned.”
"I’m going to write a thank you card to my cleaners. I can send it to the company.”
“Or, leave a gift! Flowers? Balloons? Maybe a nice box of chocolates? Leave it right in front of the mirror. So all users will understand. And not steal it."
“Then take a picture of that, post to your friends and tell them to join the campaign.”

Okay? Time to get started. Please share your photos and ideas here on the SuSanA Forum.

Happy World Toilet Day, Everybody!


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Toilet availability is a human right and well-designed sanitation systems restore health to our cities, our waters and our soils.
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Re: WG9: Please join the Honour Our Cleaners Campaign!

Hi Carol,

This is a really nice initiative! Has there been any feedback so far how it went? Any media attention?
I suggest you also send this to the mailing list of Working Group 9 (or Working Group 10 on operation and maintenance!) to raise more awareness for this campaign.

Your campaign has already had a little knock-on effect for me: Recently I was doing some work on the Wikipedia article on public toilets and it occurred to me that it had no information yet on cleaning & maintenance! So I have started a new section which we should expand upon:

Which publications would be worth citing in such a section? So far, I have added your advocacy guide ( PHLUSH (2015) Public Toilet Advocacy Toolkit, Part 1: Strategy Tools, Section 4: Plan for Operational and Financial Sustainability, also available in SuSanA library ) but there might be something more targeted?


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