Climate change takes toll on Sanitation in Tanzania


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Climate change takes toll on Sanitation in Tanzania

Written by Aidani Tarimo and Charles Dickson:


“Every rain season, our houses and toilets do sink." - This is a testimony from one of the victims of the floods triggered by unusually heavy rainfall in Tanzania over recent months.

Many people have been forced thousands to flee their homes for higher ground and caused many deaths and much destruction in the process.

The loss of toilets and the dispersion of human wastes by floodwaters is a serious setback in many parts of the country, not least in the region of Dodoma. In this article Sanitation in Tanzania suffers setbacks as toilets damaged by heavy rains Aidani Tarimo, a reporter from Tanzania chronicles three accounts, surviving the rainy season can be a struggle, especially for the underprivileged, but amid the despair, there is also hope.


Let us know how climate change effects like droughts and floods are affecting the gains made in sanitation and hygiene.

Machrine Birungi
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Re: Climate change takes toll on Sanitation in Tanzania

Dear Machrine,

Thank you for your post. I appreciate you highlighting some of the effects that climate change has had in Tanzania. Loss of latrines are also a problem in Kenya. Flood prone areas have been mostly affected leading to the need to construct toilets every rainy season. The disadvantage is that people may not prioritize sanitation given that they have other demands. For example, getting a new house which may also have been washed away by the floods.
As a way to curb this recurring issue of toilet construction, different toilet designs should be incorporated that are not prone to flooding. Have you come across toilet designs that can be embraced to completely curb this issue??
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