New group handwashing device


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  • Hand washing with soap and water can be considered as a "do-it-yourself vaccine"
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Re: New Group Handwashing Facility

Hi Elisabeth

Thanks for your attention. Let me clarify this;-

The station has a total of four pipes! Two on each side, one for dispensing water, the other for liquid soap and the same way water is turned on, so is the liquid soap.

Both pipe dispensers have small holes beneath utilising less than 70ml of water per hand wash

The two facilities on the photos were purchased by Riruta Good Shepherd school which has a population of 530 pupils at a cost of US$ 300 per station and from our marketing report so far there is demand for the group tap in schools

Our device has merits compared to any other group hand washing facilities in the following ways;-

- Multi dispenses liquid soap; using less than 20ml of soap per hand wash which totals to US$ 0.65 cost per pupil per year compared to others where soap is prone to wastage, disappearance, degradation and recontamination because of multi contacts with the soap

- Ensures maximum soap usage; it has been documented that even with presence of soap at the facility, does not guarantee usage. With our device ensures all users contact soap that is turned on independently

- Saves up to 90% of water used per wash; beside dispensing 70% less water compared to normal taps the device reserves used soapy water for re-use in other cleaning chores like mopping classes, toilets, washing cars etc.

- Full metallic feature to serve decades in a school setting, the metallic sheet provides sense of privacy and saves time as pupils concentrate on washing hands compared to others where pupils can be disrupted by a fellow on the opposite direction who is trying to reach for a soap or something.

- Disability friendly; compared to others our facility can be easy accessed by a pupil on wheelchair or crouches. Its hands free operation makes it easy for those who are visually impaired to use it since one doesn?t need to locate soap or turn on a faucet

- Bold branding space measuring 4 by 8 feet used for nudges; UNICEF from one of their WASH projects in Bangladesh documented an increase is hand wash behaviour from 4% to 74% after introducing nudges like colourful hand and foot prints alone

- The branding space also encourages public private partnership; especially with the corporates the device is offering a platform for their CSR campaigns and also providing a permanent branding space on the facilities installed in schools hence improve their market presence and spur sales

- Can be installed both indoors or outdoor

See attached file.

Fellow Partners, I affirm that our device will be setting a minimum standard for WASH in schools by offering a solution that is quantifiable, sustainable, affordable and contributes tangible evidence on the impacts of WASH in schools program while involving multiple stake holders to support and replicate such initiatives in schools.

Thank you.

Regards -- *Aluoch Kennedy*

Founder, Director Tippytap Kenya

Gate 5 Njumbi rd. off Chalbi drive | POBox 25030-00603 Lavington Call; +254 702 661 937 * | *
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Re: [SuSanA Forum] New group handwashing device (Handwashing activities at schools)

Thanks for sharing. Well wishes from

Prof. Ajit Seshadri
Prof. Ajit Seshadri, Faculty in Marine Engg. Deptt. Vels University, and
Head-Environment , VigyanVijay Foundation, Consultant (Water shed Mngmnt, WWT, WASH, others)Located at present at Chennai, India
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