Fields of application for simple waterless vacuum toilets?


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  • I work on waterless vacuum toilets (circulatory toilets) with a focus on use in residential buildings
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Fields of application for simple waterless vacuum toilets?

Brieflyabout me: I am a supply technology engineer and have been developing a
waterless vacuum toilet for use in residential buildings for about 5 years. We now producethe toilets ourselves and sell assemblies and complete toilets.

About the technology: Porcelain bowl with divider. The urine isstabilized and processed in the toilet by lowering the pH value. The urine isthen used as a flushing agent after "big business" and the toilet is emptied via vacuum. Manual pumps areusually used (currentless). The contents ofthe toilet (urine, faeces, paper or shower water) are pumped via a thin pipe to
a collection or composting point within a radius of approx. 10m. For moreinformation:

Advantages: Nopollution of water, convenience of a flush toilet, no handling of the toilet
contents in the vicinity of the toilet, no odor and no flies, anal douche and
toilet paper can be used, only one discharge from the toilet required, toilet
contents remain pumpable, simple hygienization with lactic acid Fermentation,simple and solid technique

Questions: Do youknow of fields of application or projects where this technology could be used? How do you ratethis technology?

Thanks and best regards

The website:

Der Shop:


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