Dutch ministerial building to produce energy from urine


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Dutch ministerial building to produce energy from urine

Dear all:

Today on the way home I heard an announcement on the Dutch radio: our ministery of Infrastructure and Environment will implement energy recovery from urine in their own building.

www.utilities.nl/ministerie-maakt-energi...n-urine.128307.lynkx (sorry, in Dutch; your browser may translate it for you?)

They will install waterless urinals to collect urine from 450 employees; the rest of the toilets will be vacuum toilets with a similar treatment installation as is installed in Sneek (www.wetsus.nl/demonstration-and-pilot-projects/desah-sneek).

I think it's really exciting a ministery is taking the step towards innovative sanitation technology; it will pave the way for further restructuring.
Plus, I can take my students on a field trip much easier now, as Sneek is a 2 hour drive and The Hague is around the corner :).

If I can get hold of some pictures or more technical details I'll share them with you.

All the best,

Dr. ir. Mariska Ronteltap
Lecturer Sanitary Engineering
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