Ecosan in Angola_EU-ACP Water Facility


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Ecosan in Angola_EU-ACP Water Facility

Dear all,

My name is Eurico and I work for an Angolan water consulting company called Vista Water.
With the support of local authorities we are going to submit a proposal under the “10th European Development Fund - Promotion of the Millennium Development Goals: Sanitation in poor peri-urban and urban areas in ACP counties" and our intention is to submit a proposal for the implementation of an Ecosan Project in the peri-urban area of the city of Benguela.

We have some questions we would like to make:
1) Does anyone know about the existence of ecosan projects in Angola?
2) Assuming this will be the first ecosan project in Angola we think it might be better to start with the least complex ecosan project, so we are thinking about constructing UDDT toilets in Schools with local re-use of urine (something similar to what was done in the Kalungu School, Uganda). All the other ecosan projects like UDDT in markets or the construction of private or public UDDT toilets seems much more difficult to implement at this point. Am I right?

Some additional information:
- Benguela is one of the most populated cities of Angola with around 1,5 million inhabitants with the great majority of the population living in slums and practicing open defecation, using flying toilets or hand-dug pit latrines;
- We believe there might be some interest for local formers to use urine as fertilizer for their banana and maize crops, etc.

Hope to hear from you,
Kind regards,
Eurico Fonseca
Project Manager

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