How to get rid of flies in dual chamber UDDT?


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How to get rid of flies in dual chamber UDDT?

Hi all,

I'm an intern working on a new dual chamber, UDDT in northern Peru. We have been using the dry toilet for about one month now. There don't seem to be any bad smells, and we all use a few scoops of dry material with each use, but there are always a lot of flies in the chamber that escape when the seat is opened. Any tips on how to mitigate this problem?

In addition. How often does the pile need to be turned? Should we be aerating and turning it regularly, or does that only need to be done after the pile has accumulated and is in its "maturing" period?


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Re: How to get rid of flies in dual chamber UDDT?

Hi Claire,

you can install a fly trap, as flies go to the light. You drill a hole in the wall of the faecal chamber and place two transparent bottles in the hole so that the flies fly there but cannot go back.

There is no need to turn the pile in the faecal chamber and just passive ventilation is usually sufficient. It is a drying process in the chamber. We recommend to post-compost the dried faeces after at two years storage,

best regards
Claudia Wendland
Water and Sanitation Specialist
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