The first Separett UDDT in Datong city (China)


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Re: The first Separett UDDT in Datong city (China) (UDDTs (urine-diverting dry toilets))

Hi, Elisabeth:
You are right. I did not involve in the Erdos project from the very beginning.
My first visit to Erdos was Oct of 2008 when the residents have lost their patience almost caused by the bad smell of the toilet in the harsh winter.
Then, Arno allowed me to install some Villa 9000 toilets for a few households. At the beiginning, few people would like to try it.
At last, we installed 4 toilets in one stairwell. The users are quite happy with the performance, no bad smell, no mechanical failure, no interference from the kitchen fan..proving the system is perfekt.
It was a pity the government insisted to replace it with normal flush toilets even if I promised to take care of the four household toilets at my own cost.
The authorities are still against dry toilets in China.
best wishes
The general manager of SHEN ZHEN BLUE WATERS AND GREEN MOUNTAINS LTD , the sole importer of Separett AB waterless toilets in China.
Chen Xiang Yang, an apple dealer,is growing apples and cherries with the human waste collected from 31 school UDDTs donated by SOHO China Foundation, based in Tianshui City, Gansu Province , China. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel:0086 151 9380 3972
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