Workshop documents in Swahili language?


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Workshop documents in Swahili language?

Hello, my name is Bettina Barthel and I am working in a project named “Carbonisation and Sanitation” which belongs to the Berlin chapter of Engineers without Borders Germany.

In the Kagera region in the north-west of Tanzania people mainly live on subsistence farming. As a result of insufficient sanitation human faeces are either disposed of on the land in an uncontrolled way or are deposited in underground latrines. Both practices lead to serious groundwater contamination. This faecal pollution is the cause of many diarrhoeal diseases which strongly weaken the people and can end fatal. Additionally the local soils have little topsoil due to the tropical climate and are prone to soil erosion and nutrients being washed away. This decreases the fertility of the land and the crop yield steadily and to a frightening extent.

Our basic idea to tackle this problem is the thermal sanitation of human faeces, which are collected using a urine diverting dry toilet (UDDT). The energy needed for this process can come from biogas, produced in a biogas digester using agricultural byproducts and organic domestic waste. Alternatively a gasifier cookstove can be used to achieve thermal sanitation, producing biochar at the same time. This holistic approach significantly improves the local sanitary conditions and is at the same time beneficial to soil fertility as the amount of topsoil is increased and nutrients are recycled.

At the moment, we are planning workshops for training and education and thus are looking for material that perhaps exists already in Swahili language. Our main focus group are the subsistence farmers. Later on, there will be the possibility to implement the UDDTs also in a secondary school, so we are interested in documents dedicated to older school children as well.

As we found only very few documents on the “”-homepage we would like to ask for documents concerning:
- Fertilizing with urine: all steps how to do it and what to think about
- Terra Preta and composting with charcoal
- Ecosan in general

We are also interested in manuals or guidebooks for workshops concerning these issues in English or German.

Thank you very much for your help.

Yours sincerely,

Bettina Barthel
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Re: Workshop documents in Swahili language?

Hujambo Bettina,
I am sure you've already checked all documents on the "practitioners" section of the SuSanA website, ama?

And then of course there are the training materials on

Ecosan materials / posters in Kiswahili - I am not sure about their availability, but if there are any then probably from Kenya which could be used.

Probably the most plausible solution would be to have them translated - and then share them back with the SuSanA community, if possible.

I've also just checked my own library but could only find one paper ex Tz on ecosan, from 2002 which has some nice figures on crop nutrient removal and fertilizer rate, but all of that may be too detailed for farmers.

Another option would be the valuable Organic Farmer publication from Kenya which has a focus on farmers and their needs.

I personally like the 2iE results from Burkina Faso but again, they would need to be translated.

What about the UDDTs in Ukunda, Kenya btw (also EWB)? Weren't they also in need of training material?

And how about the SOIL guide?

It feels like the scene has been coming up with way too many policy papers and actual information for practitioners are hidden between those papers, e.g. the much needed farmer's manual that's based on pictures or other simplified rhetorics.
Juergen Eichholz
watsan eng.
water, sanitation, IT & knowledge management

Toilets in Frankfurt/Main
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