Video about two dry sanitation service models by utilities in Peru


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Video about two dry sanitation service models by utilities in Peru

Note by moderator: this post was originally in this thread on urban sanitation service delivery funded by BMGF and DfID and has now been moved to its own dedicated thread here.

Dear all,

unfortunately the Latin American cities were not allowed to take part in the process, but I would like to attach for all of you who are involved in the Urban Sanitation Service Delivery two examples we are working on to set up in Peru. In both cases it is a service provider which takes responsibility for areas which are not attended with sewerage.

Have fun it is a 15 min film, I think very much worth it to look at ... but as one of the involved I might not be critical enough.

Please feel free to comment. We hope with this film to get other utilities interested in the possibilities.

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