new article: on unused toilets in India (why do some rural people prefer open defecation even if toilets are available)


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Re: new article: on unused toilets in India

Dear Shobana
The Baseline survey conducted by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Govt. of India during 2012-13 for rural areas in all the states and Districts at GP ( Gram / Village Panchayat) level is available at--
At Panchayat level the information includes number of households of different socio-economic categories having toilets (functional and non functional) and without toilets.To know Panchayat level status pl click on "Know Your Panchayat Status" on the home page. The page mentions different states. It gives summary of data of the concerned State.
There is no such baseline information available for Urban areas in India.
Hope the information is useful.
Pawan Jha
Foundation for Environment and Sanitation
Mahavir Enclave
New Delhi 110045, India
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