SafiChoo Story - a waterless, waste-separation system with a sit-squat seat (Kenya, Zambia)


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Re: SafiChoo Story

Apologies for the delayed response. We are students and have been focusing on mid terms recently, but just wanted to address the current conversation.

The Japanese sit-squat toilet as well as the article on UDDTs are great references that we will definitely study during our next phase of R&D. Thank you so much for providing us with these resources. Additionally we plan to start working on some sort of hand rail currently to make our design more user-friendly especially for disabled populations!

Again, apologies for the delayed response, and thank you so much for the community feedback.

Thanks so much

Jasmine Burton
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Re: SafiChoo Story - a waterless, waste-separation system with a sit-squat seat (Kenya, Zambia)

For anyone who was following this thread about the "SafiChoo toilet" (a waterless, waste-separation system with a sit-squat seat) you might find the report from early 2017 interesting which Jasmine recently posted here on the forum:

The new thread is called: "Wish for WASH 2016 Learning Report: Utilizing Human Centered Design Methodologies to Retrofit An EcoSan Toilet"

After their work in Kenya with Sanivation, the team moved on to Lusaka, Zambia to do some further development work there.

Dr. Elisabeth von Muench
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