Production of glazed stoneware toilets, much closer to the need


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Production of glazed stoneware toilets, much closer to the need

Greetings All,

I have posted here before about locally produced ceramic water filters but have recently begun putting together the model and master mold for a glazed, urine diverting, sanitary stoneware toilet. The advantage of the glassy surface of such ceramic toilets is that this is easy to keep clean.

The initial drawing of the toilet in the top view is shown below. Discussion of improved designs too far in advance can be ill-advised, but please consider the value of helpful observations. Should we not be more forthcoming with ideas? This toilet will be cast in a gypsum plaster mold, and by the help of all that is good and true, eventually mass produced in an improved version, using a hydraulic air-release press. Molds are good but production is limited. The finished size of this toilet, allowing for shrinkage of the ceramic after drying and firing, should be around 35.0 cm width by 62.0 cm length.

TOP VIEW: A glazed, urine diverting, sanitary stoneware toilet, 35.0 cm width by 62.0 cm length.

There is a serious need for production of the interventions of WASH and development much closer to the need. How else will the SDGs be accomplished? Do we not risk continuing the cycle of exporting resources from poor countries and returning to them expensive, finished goods and services from prosperous countries? Yes! Capacity building in the developing world is what is primarily needed if we are going to accomplish the goals, and after all, the resources are abundant almost everywhere. Let's get training to the poor who after all, tend to be entirely capable.

All the best,


Anthony Reid Harvey, ceramic industrial designer

Niagara Falls, NY USA

Incidentally, here is the link to a presentation of December 10th, to the U.N. Geneva Forum:
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