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Hi there!

We (WASH Failures Team, AKA Dani Barrington, Esther Shaylor and Becky Sindall) are working with the Sanitation Learning Hub to compile a publication looking at WASH Failures - why they happen, how we can talk about them more openly, and how we can a) fix them, b) avoid them happening in the first place!

We're looking for examples of WASH projects which have faced lots of challenges (or 'failures') and how these were addressed. We aren't really interested in technical failures, but more those we outlined in our Amplifying Local Voices project, e.g, those caused by:
  • Politics and bureaucracy
  • Unrealistic funder expectations 
  • Poor coordination and communication 
  • A 'project mentality' 
  • Idealistic planning
  • Inadequate community engagement
  • Insufficient capacity
If you have an example of how you/your organisation/someone you know turned a project around, and are interested in it being shared in a global publication, please contact us .

(you might also like to check out our new website on all things WASH failures! )

Dani Barrington, PhD, BE (Hons), BSc

Lecturer in Global Health
The University of Western Australia
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