FINDINGS: Amplifying local voices to reduce failure in the WASH sector


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FINDINGS: Amplifying local voices to reduce failure in the WASH sector

Hi everyone,

Very excited to share with you some findings from our research project, which aimed to develop an evidence base of how and why field-based WASH professionals in four sub-Saharan African countries believe failures occur, their experiences when sharing and discussing them within their organisations, and how they believe a culture conducive to publicly sharing and learning from failures could be nurtured.

A journal article with a full analysis is forthcoming, and once that is published we will make all of the interview transcripts public (after sufficient de-identification and double-checking. Participants consented to this at the time of their interviews). But in the meantime, we wanted to share some really practical findings and recommendations with you all!

Thus far we have an overall Research Brief and Country Specific Briefs for Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa. Each of these documents is available as a formatted pdf or an accessible Word document.

Please have a read and discuss! 
(please see below external links to the documents for sharing outside of SuSanA)

WASH Failures Team
Files also available from:
Research Brief:
Research Brief (accessible):
Malawi Brief:
Malawi Brief (accessible):
South Africa Brief:
South Africa Brief (accessible):
Zimbabwe Brief:
Zimbabwe Brief (accessible):
Dani Barrington, PhD, BE (Hons), BSc

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