Sanitation Challenge for Ghana (a Sanitation Prize Award competition running to Dec 2018 open to Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies)


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Re: Sanitation Prize Award in Ghana (Community Water and Sanitation Agency)

An update about this project was recently provided by Jonathan Parkinson. You can find it here in his presentation at the FSM5 conference:
PARKINSON, J. et al., “A Framework for Supporting Innovative Financing for Improving Urban Sanitation in Ghana”, (Ghana)

I copy the last slide to give you a glimpse:

Key elements of financing framework
● Sanitation improvements led at MMDA level based on plans with
stakeholder buy-in and political leadership.
● Public-private partnerships at local level are the key to successful
planning, implementation and financing.
● A diversity of financing instruments are needed for actors in the
sanitation value chain using a combination of public and private
● National level facility is required to manage/co-ordinate funds
and fund disbursement and financing disbursed incrementally to
reward performance and incentivize further action.

(See more FSM5 presentations here: )

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