Why are we asking about your gender in the registration process?


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Why are we asking about your gender in the registration process?

Please update your SuSanA membership data now (just ahead of our  user analysis  that will take place in August 2020), particularly with regards to your gender. This is a new field that we have added to the member registration process, so if you have registered for SuSanA prior to 17 July 2020, the field was not yet available upon registration.

You can tick the correct gender for your SuSanA membership here:   www.susana.org/en/login  

You can choose from the following list of options:
  • Female
  • Male
  • Non binary
  • Prefer not to say
  • This is a team account (if the same SuSanA login will be used by various team members)

Why are we asking about your gender during the registration process?

We are currently analysing the diversity of our SuSanA members and also looking into "who writes forum posts?" (like I said in my forum post here : We have an inkling that we have more males than females posting, and relatively more people from the Global North than the Global South (i.e. developing countries). If we want to take steps to change that we first need to establish our current baseline.)

If you could select the right gender for you now that would make our analysis more accurate. We will present the results here on the forum and in the upcoming online SuSanA meeting later in August.

I should point out that your gender selection in the SuSanA database will be invisible to any other forum users. Separately from that you have the option of specifying your gender in your forum profile, in which case it would be shown below your photo, below your personal text (personally, I don't really see the point of that; your forum picture probably says it all anyhow). You might wonder "why are there two places to enter this data?". The reason is that the SuSanA membership database is completely separate from the discussion forum profiles.  All your SuSanA-related data is protected by our data policy which is explained here .  

Later this week, we will also send out a survey link to find out more about how you use the forum and who you are. I hope that many people will participate in this survey!

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