Please take a moment to update your forum profile and membership data today (would help with our planned analysis of users)


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Please take a moment to update your forum profile and membership data today (would help with our planned analysis of users)

I would like to encourage you to please update your forum profile and SuSanA membership details today.

Why? Several reasons:
  • It would help us with our understanding of the diversity of our SuSanA members and forum users: We are currently conducting a detailed analysis regarding our users and who posts on the forum.* (further details below) This includes gender and country (global South or North).
  • It helps our forum and discussion style if we know who we are talking to.
  • It can also help with your networking.
  • It makes the forum less anonymous, more personal and thus more fun.
  • It can help to clarify the context of your forum post.
What information should I add in the SuSanA membership database?
  • In the SuSanA membership database please make sure that your country and gender are provided correctly. You can change it here:   .
  • Note the gender field was only added in July 2020. If you registered before this date, you can now select the right gender for you.
  • Your selected gender is not visible for other people unless you also select it in your forum profile (the two databases are kept separate from each other).
  • All information that you include in the SuSanA membership database is confidential and is protected by  our data policy .
What information can I add to my forum profile?
  • You could add a photo, a personal text (this appears below your photo) and a forum signature that includes your role, organization, location and website (similar to an e-mail signature but you don't have to give your e-mail address or phone number).
How to edit my SuSanA forum profile?
  • You can edit your forum profile (after logging in) here .
  • If you need any help, just ask me or check the help section on the forum here
Thanks in advance!  (If you prefer to keep your forum profile completely anonymous that's OK as well).

If you have any comments about our planned analysis, please put them into this thread.


* More details about our planned analysis: According to: "what you don't measure you can't change..." we want to start investigating the diversity of our SuSanA members and forum users. We have an inkling that we have more males than females posting, and relatively more people from the Global North than the Global South. If we want to take steps to change that we first need to establish our current baseline. Therefore we are planning to investigate data such as:
  • Number of posts by moderators in each category per month; number of posts by non-moderators in each category per month (his would allow us to calculate: % of posts made by moderators in each category and month)
  • Number of posts by people from the Global South in each category and month (to decide who is from Global South we would look at the countries that the users have picked for themselves)
  • Number of posts by women in each category per month 
  • Number of unique people posting in each category per month
Are there other important parameters that we should measure as well? You can see on our statistics page here what we are collecting already.
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