Public Toilets in freezing temperature (Jammu and Kashmir in India)


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Re: Public Toilets in freezing temperature.

Dear Bincy,

Freezing conditions are one excellent reason to consider UDDTs. I think the details in terms of dealing with urine under such conditions have been well worked out in Sweden.

As JKM said, please tell us more about the situation you are dealing with.

Best wishes,
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Re: Public Toilets in freezing temperature.

Could you give us a bit more background information about your inquiry?

What one would normally do is of course install all the tanks and plumbing inside of the building (as opposed to the common practise in warmer places to have them outside), add a thick layer of isolation to the walls and if that isn't sufficient also install some sort of heating.
In most places a sun-faced frontage with large, but well isolating windows (double or triple layer glass) will heat up the building sufficiently during the day that it stays well above freezing temperatures during the night (given a good isolation).
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Public Toilets in freezing temperature.

What technologies are available to keep water from freezing? What technologies or solutions are available for keeping the water from freezing so that it do not solidifies in the storage tanks or the plumbing system of public toilets? What successful models are available? Can anybody advice me on this?
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