Research Call - Research around sanitation surcharges included in property taxes in Ghana


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Research Call - Research around sanitation surcharges included in property taxes in Ghana

This research project is commissioned under WSUP's Urban Sanitation Research Initiative , and will deliver research around property tax ‘sanitation surcharges’ in Ghana. This should include consideration of the sanitation surcharge introduced in Ga West Municipality from January 2017, but may possibly also include parallel research a) around similar surcharges elsewhere in Ghana (Akwapim North Municipality?), and/or b) around the potential for introduction of a surcharge of this type in another Ghanaian municipality (Kumasi?).

In Ga West, the surcharge is a 10% additional amount on property tax, and the revenue generated is stated to be ring-fenced for sanitation. In each study location (1-3 locations, to be determined), researchers will a) [where relevant] assess the history of the surcharge to date (notably amounts raised and how spent); b) explore taxpayer attitudes to the [existing or potential] surcharge, through both qualitative research and large-scale survey; c) explore decision-maker attitudes to the [existing or potential] surcharge; and d) identify, through structured stakeholder consultation and financial analysis, possible expenditures of revenues generated.

In addition, researchers will lead, in liaison with WSUP, a structured process to support decision-makers in Ga West and elsewhere in Ghana in thinking about how to take this model forward in a cost-effective and pro-poor manner.

Maximum budget under this Call: GBP 80,000
Bids due: Before UK 1700 hours on Monday 19th February 2018
Focus country: Ghana

See attachment for full details, or visit the Urban Sanitation Research Initiative website. We also have a mailing list so you can receive emails about new projects directly - email ERL at wsup dot com if you would like to be included.

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