Any helpers to improve the Wikipedia article on WASH further?


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Any helpers to improve the Wikipedia article on WASH further?

As you all know we have a Wikipedia article on WASH, see here:

I have recently merged a chunk of text into it that used to be in a separate Wikipedia article called "Water supply and women in developing countries". This content now requires to be merged properly, headings changed, redundancies removed, references checked etc.

Does anyone feel passionate about educating the public on WASH and can help me with this?

The article gets about 200 views per day on Wikipedia so it's not insignificant and not bad for such a specialised topic (see here: )

If you don't have time to help but you have time to list the flaws and shortcomings and missing references of this Wikipedia article, please don't hold back and list them here in this thread. Previous discussions about this article amongst Wikipedians are available here:

And if you spot any typos in the Wikipedia article, just go ahead and correct them please (you do't even need a Wikipedia login for that).

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