Notre realisation en matiere de WASH (introduction of "Organisation Rwandaise pour la solidarite et le developement", an NGO in Rwanda)


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Re: Notre realisation en matiere de WASH (introduction of "Organisation Rwandaise pour la solidarite et le developement", an NGO in Rwanda)

Chere Claudine,

Félicitations pour le travail de votre organisation. Faites-vous la promotion des toilettes sèches (UDDT) et l'assainissement écologique en général? Comment pouvons-nous mieux vous aider?

Meilleurs voeux,
Chris Canaday

Translation by Google Translate:

Dear Claudine,

Applauds the work of your organization. Get promoting composting toilets (UDD) and ecological sanitation in general? How can we help you better?

Best wishes,
Chris Canaday
Conservation Biologist and EcoSan Promoter
Omaere Ethnobotanical Park
Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador, South America

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Notre realisation en matiere de WASH (introduction of "Organisation Rwandaise pour la solidarite et le developement", an NGO in Rwanda)

bonjour notre forum.

comme le nom l'indique, je suis directrice de ORSD qui Organisation Rwandaise pour la solidarite et le developement. avant c'etait l'association, mais on a change en ONG.

The mission of ORSD is to promote improved hygiene, sanitation and water management for safe drinking water and hygienic conditions for all. ORSD also seeks to change the behaviors of Rwandans towards hygiene and sanitation through mobilization and trainings.


• Conduct feasibility studies and execute projects related to environmental protection, water supply and sanitation.
• Assist communities and decentralized administrative organizations to better manage their water and sanitation infrastructure.
• Prepare and conduct training sessions that pertain to hygiene, environmental management, and management of water and sanitation infrastructure.
• Conduct feasibility and market studies related to revenue generating projects.


Over the past four years, ORSD has particularly developed a profound knowledge about needs identification, community mobilization and water and sanitation management including ECOSAN Management.

Working with schools and communities in Nyamasheke, Rulindo and Kicukiro districts has particularity sharpen our knowledge on the benefits of use of human compost as a soil fertilizer, especially in the rural districts of Rulindo and Kicukiro whose populations are highly dependent on agriculture to fulfil their family needs.

ORSD has gained a significant experience in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene where it has collaborated with several programs and international organizations. Among others, ORSD has been working with Water For People, a USA based development organization supporting water, sanitation and hygiene education in the districts of Rulindo and Kicukiro, where ORSD works as a partner to conduct all software activities including trainings of local institutions and structures responsible for the management of water and sanitation facilities, as well as daily and annual monitoring to track the level of coverage and level of sustainability so that appropriate decisions are taken to address the situation as needed.

Recently, ORSD completed consultancy services with COMETE INTERNATIONAL (a Tunisian company) to provide its services to the communities of Rulindo, Burera, Gicumbi, Musanze districts of the Northern Province; Karongi, Rutsiro and Nyamasheke of the Western Province which were supported by EWSA through PNEAR to improve water supply and sanitation conditions.

In addition, ORSD worked as part of the Water and Sanitation Program in Rural Areas (PEAMR) to conduct initial evaluations, validate sub-projects, and train a number of public institutions (including schools, health centers, and markets) in hygiene and sanitation, train and support HAMS committees and clubs and conduct monitoring and evaluation assignments. This work was conducted in the ex-districts of Gatare and Nyamasheke, which currently form the District of Nyamasheke in the Western Province.

The table attached provides details of most important assignments previously performed by ORSD in relation to capacity building and sanitation management.

Voila ce que nous faisons dans notre organisation selon nos mayens qui ne sont pas aussi suffisant. si vous trouvez des opportunites dans le forum, vous pouvez nous aider a aller plus loin.
merci pour adopter le francais dans vos correspondances avec les differents partenaires. maintenant on est bien.

Directrice de l'ORSD
Tél: +250 0783 389 322
Tél: +250 0728 389 322

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