Watly the all-in-one WASH solution, an Introduction.


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  • Watly is a promising start-up founded by idealistic and committed people. We have designed an integrated utility machine capable of desalinating and purifying water (regardless the source of pollution), providing free electricity and allowing Internet con
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Watly the all-in-one WASH solution, an Introduction.

Dear members of Susana, my name is Maurizio Tiberto, communication strategist for Watly.
I would take the chance to introduce our Technology to this community of WASH professionals.
We have designed an integrated utility machine that desalinates and purifies water (regardless the source of pollution), provides free electricity and allows Internet connectivity by exclusively harvesting solar energy. All in one simple solution: Watly

The dominant assumption is that the poor cannot have access to advanced technology, because it’s costly, difficult to use and delicate.
This assumption is wrong in many aspects and we can prove it by illustrating the main features of Watly:

1. Watly can produce up to 100 litres/24hours for as long as to 10 years and without any need of extraordinary maintenance. It also produces enough electricity for recharging external devices such as led lamps or mobile phones.
2. We do not need an expert to run Watly since there are only two simple instructions to follow: add dirty water and take out clean water. There is not even a start button to press. This simplicity makes the system safe to operate with no room for human error or mishaps.
3. Watly initial investment spread over its entire lifespan, equals to an operational cost of less than 1€ a day. Watly does not need electricity or fuel to provide its services.
4. Watly is also a communication devices capable of collecting and sending data to Internet and to any other unit of Watly. It helps people to connect with them and run their own business any time, anywhere.
5. In the XL version Watly could provide about 1000 litres per day of safe water, electricity of about 20kw per day; equipped with hardware for Internet connection, refrigeration, sterile chamber, 3D printing, PC, camera and other features.

We have obtained water quality certifications from accredited laboratories.
We have also applied for international patent on technology and design.
We have passed the risk assessment of the Philips Innovation.

This is the link to the Product brochure watly.co/product

For further information please don't hesitate to contact with me.

Last February, we have made our formal company presentation at the Startupbootcamp XL Demoday, at the Evoluon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

A fast growing community of evangelists, is supporting us on Facebook
Accredited business experts are releasing interviews about Watly and its business mission http://www.vimeo.com/watly

In Watly, we believe that helping people is about the gradual improvement of life for the world’s poorest, living at the Bottom of the Pyramid. We wish with all hour hearts to join those social entrepreneurs, who set goals on hitting the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), have been challenging global poverty head on and have succeeded in many cases.

What we do can change the world for a moment.
Why we do can change the world, possibly for ever.
We are a Why company.

Maurizio Ugo Tiberto
Communicatio Strategist
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +34 664 11 95 59
Skype: maurizio.tiberto
Website: www.watly.co
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