Introduction - Patrick Bakke, thoughts from an experienced lurker


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Introduction - Patrick Bakke, thoughts from an experienced lurker

Hi there everyone!

My name is Patrick Bakke. Currently I am a student at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (one of SuSanA's partners!). At the moment I am an intern at UN-Habitats headquarters in Nairobi. In specific the Water and Sanitation unit. The work I am doing at the moment is a case study about two biogas plants in two Kenyan prisons among other minor things. In August/September I am going back to Norway to finish my msc in water and environment technology.

As an experienced lurker I am thrilled to have discovered this awesome community! One should not underestimate the amount of knowledge people obtain from reading online discussions, I for one value it immensely. Thus the benefits of having an open forum for discussion goes beyond those that are directly contributing.

This is not to say that I do not want to contribute. Compared to the vast knowledge and experience this community has to offer, a student of (mostly) conventional technology is just not up to par. On another note, my mind is a blank page (sorry for the cliché), meaning that I am not "tainted" by conformed ideas. So I hope I will bring another perspective and hopefully contribute to informing students such as me.

Warm regards
Happy learning. :)
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