Sanitation Agency: Changing a common behavior like 'littering'


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Sanitation Agency: Changing a common behavior like 'littering'

Mr Emmanuel Kankam-Boadu is a Deputy Director, Action for Medical Accident Victims (AMAV) NGO in Ghana dedicated to improving patient safety and their quality of care who has a passion also on our environment especially Ghana.
Waste Management and Sanitation continues to pose a challenge to my Country Ghana in spite of the various initiatives and huge resources which have been and continues to be pumped into this sector. It is imperative, therefore to adopt a robust and radical approach to address this insurmountable challenge. It is important to task everyone living within the boundaries of Ghana to play a role in the Environmental cleanliness and Waste Management.
I am aiming at a meaningful and participatory involvement of all stakeholders to ensure effective environmental cleanliness to achieve MDG on sanitation which I think we are lacking in Ghana. I believe the Authorities in Ghana should not be too busy mopping the floor to turn off the faucet, whiles I believe in digging at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. Changing a common behavior like 'littering' starts with every one accepting the responsibility 'not to litter'. This of course means that receptacles for litter must be made readily available and accessible to everyone and that sanctions will be meted out to those who do not obey the regulations. Rigorous enforcement of the litter laws will inspire most people to strive for a sustainable litter-free environment.
The Councils/Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies have the duty to enforce the relevant Sanitary Legislation and Bye-Laws which are already in our law books.
My aim is to solicit help from CSO and other International organizations to work with the Councils/Assemblies to guarantee the enforcement of the laws relating to dumped rubbish and dropped litter and use it as a pilot project to help other West African countries which are having a similar problems.

*Minimize the impact of litter, rubbish and unauthorized filling of posters.
*Promote and achieve compliance of the laws.
*Apply sanctions to recalcitrant businesses, residents/visitors
The Authorities/Assemblies Ghana has to cede their functions of policing-inspection, enforcement and prosecution to some Organizations as the SANITATION AGENCY.

Mr Emmanuel Kankam-Boadu
Action for Medical Accident Victims
P.O BOX CS8371
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