How much advertising shall we allow?


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Re: UDDT Ceramic Pan

If we have a category called "Persons or companies offering their skills or products" I think we invite postings like this.
I do see a clear benefit for people to be able to advertise commercial products, because it can be really hard to find suppliers. I guess ideally this would be separated (no pun intended) a bit better from the general forum and could ultimately grow into a hardware supplier database.

Marijn Zandee

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Re: UDDT Ceramic Pan

I would also like to have a more prominent link / page on the SuSanA website or fixed on the forum as a sticky post for

a) manufacturers
b) dealers

of all sanitary products (so not just pure eco approaches). This way, we could have them engaged in WASH conversations and also provide an overview of what is already available.
Similar to the lists of manufacturers of squatting pan suppliers (i.e. a page online instead of a curated document).
Juergen Eichholz
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Re: UDDT Ceramic Pan

Hi All

IMO: If people make posts about their company products where they explain the details about the product and are willing to answer questions about their products on the forum, then I think it should be allowed on the forum.

I see "plain advertising" as a post where there is no detail and merely a link to the respective companies website.

Trevor Surridge
Decentralized Wastewater Management for Adaptation to Climate Change in Jordan (ACC Project)
Project Manager

Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
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How much advertising shall we allow?

I think you should leave it up so we can grill those who are marketing the product.

I want to know the advice they're giving about reuse of the sludge to the users.
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