late Introduction by AquaVerde (Detlef SCHWAGER)


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late Introduction by AquaVerde (Detlef SCHWAGER)

Dear Colleagues,

Sorry I forgot to introduce my self.

I was reading for some time the forum and I am a former member of ecosanres-forum.

I been "moulded" in the former GDR (East-Germany for the very young one) and studied in East-Germany 1983 in Magdeburg: Dipl.Ing. (FH) Water Resource Management, 1993 in FRG, Suderburg: MSc. Tropical Water Engineering and 2007 at UNESCO-IHE: Ecological Sanitation – Online Course (with Elisabeth v.Muench).

I have some experiences around the world (Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, Myanmar, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, North Korea, Tanzania, UK, Congo-Zaire) on WATSAN and RE, for Consulting s, INGOs and EUCOM.

In my work activity, I see great importance to real teamwork, ecological/economic sound approaches and professional ethics.

My life and work experience in different cultures and social-economic systems taught me to look for practical solutions within the local framework, in a participatory way with local colleagues and the different stake-holders, and to blend traditional local knowledge with innovative external methods.

More background about me you might find on and www.

Currently I am running my own small company AquaVerde.

I am in particular interested to exchange on C2C in EcoSan (I call it Resources SECURING Sanitation.) on practical things. I am looking for constructive and honest exchange on ideas, know-how, "fresh thinking" using "PLAIN ENGLISH". In my case more a kind of very straight "German-English". I hope Oxford´s professors let me pass :huh:

I hope this is enough on introduction?

See you in the forum or around the world B)

Detlef SCHWAGER, AquaVerde Ltd. Zanzibar
"simple" Sanitation-Solutions by gravity
Low-Tech Solutions with High-Tech Effects
"Inspired by Circular Economy and Cooperation"
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