Introducing SA Loo solutions


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Introducing SA Loo solutions

This is Thabiso Majodina from Kimberley , Northern Cape in South Africa. We are SA Loo Solutions Manufacturers of water-saving off-grid sustainable sanitation products : Urine Separators / Diverter , Urinals and Hand Basins Combo

Material: Made from easy-to-clean fibreglass.
Fibreglass separation insert, which reliably separates urine and faeces.
Light Weight.
Fits under all standard toilet seats.

We are seeking to promote water-less or off-grid solutions /products and to partner with government and organisations in helping communities where there are no municipal sewer networks to also experience the dignity of having safe sustainable sanitation and to save water as well.

This can be used to build D.I.Y Compost Toilets and use the technology to harvest Urine and use it as Fertilizer for Farming. Thus separating waste at source for sustainable sanitation.

We are very excited to be part of the SuSanA Community and looking forward to working with you all.

Kind Regards
Herbert Thabiso Majodina
SA Loo Solutions

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