Introduction of new SuSanA intern


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Introduction of new SuSanA intern

Dear all, 
my name is Megan and I am the new intern for the SuSanA secretariat for the next six months.
I recently finished my double degree in MA Politics and Public Administration from Universität Konstanz and MA International Relations from Charles University in Prague. In addition to my studies, I was also employed by the human rights and humanitarian aid organization Hoffnungszeichen e.V. as a werkstudent, where I focused on the ground water pollution within South Sudan as perpetrated by large oil conglomerates. I also worked within the human rights department regarding the conflict in Ukraine, particularly on documenting war crimes and crimes against humanity.
I am very interested in global development, environmental protection and access to water – coming from the Australian outback, I have seen how these topics intertwine and depend upon one another, so I am eager to work within this field on a larger global scale.
Looking forward to meeting and working with many more of you during the coming months!
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