Introduction of myself and our ultramobile handwashing station


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Introduction of myself and our ultramobile handwashing station

Hi everyone, 

My name is Bernd Hess and I’m co-founder of the German enterprise Aquanesa Solution GmbH and its brand LAVESE. We developed a mobile handwashing station to make handwashing possible wherever needed. We are just about to become a SuSanA partner. 

So far, our mobile handwashing station is used a lot in Germany by fire fighters, disaster response teams, construction workers and many other professional and private outdoor activities.

I’m glad to introduce the handwashing station to you, the SuSanA community, and would like to hear back from you,
  1. if this is something, you can imagine to use
  2. in what kind of situations you can see it in use; and
  3. what needs to be adapted to make it more useful to your needs.
Much looking forward to learning more about different aspects of handwashing, the use of water and mobile waterless toilets.

Let’s get in touch, discuss, test and improve. 

Stay clean, 

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