Introduction: Sankalpa, Nepal. Also seeking support and partnerships


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Introduction: Sankalpa, Nepal. Also seeking support and partnerships

Dear sir/ Madam 
Namaste frome sankalpa Nepal 
 First, I hope this mail finds you and your loved ones safe and Healthy.I'm from Nepal and we need a place for our NGO if someone wanna help us they can contact with us our official number, email any time 00977-9841813133 /  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I humbly request that these International non-government organizations (INGOs) have been carrying out various activities in Nepal for a long time to help the women, children, dalit, janajati, LGBTQ etc vulnerable community. In this District (Sudur paschim province, Darchula) also, there is a request to conduct the next program in partnership with Sankalpa. Sankalpa has adopted the right-based approach at strategic and practical levels because it believes that all people are entitled to the ‘rights’ that are enriched in the National and international laws and conventions. Sankalpa has been addressing the subject of inequality, powerlessness, suffering and material poverty. Sankalpa Darchula Nepal (Sankalpa) is a community Based organizations (CBOs)/ NGO dedicated to Human Rights, Food security, Health and wash, Education, Water Governance, Climate, Peace Building, Media and Development in Sudur Paschiem Province since 1997. It works with a mission to enable rural people to claim and exercise their rights promoting and protecting human rights through the National rule of law, poverty reduction and improved livelihoods through their organization, research, policy advocacy and judicious resources mobilization. It has been implementing various project/programs with the funding support of different community Based organizations (CBOs) and users Groups.  Theme area  as belows. 
  1. WASH and Water Governance (Public Health).
  2. Resilience and Climate Justice including humanitarian response.
  3. Education and Child Protection and Disabilities.
  4. Gender and Social Justice and Human Rights.
  5. Nature-Based Solutions/ River Rights/ Land Rights. 
Now sankalpa is working in Mahakali River (Ganga Basin) Basin in Nepal. Each year, millions of tons of Plastic end up in the Mahakali River. It is a terrifying reality But it is not too late to make a difference both at home and while traveling. Here are some easy ways to travel with less plastic. Indeed the issue of Sanitation is a big challenge in Mahakali River Basin in Darchula Nepal countries. In sankalpa Nepal (NGO/ CSO) it is the same situation but as community groups responsible in hygiene systems and water sanitation and other stakeholders, we are trying to find ways of improving sanitation and also implementing the hygiene standard code which  will guide to all professionals and individual who are dealing with hygiene water supply and sanitation and also avoiding short cuts of works.Public awareness on Water Sanitation and Hygiene is another important aspect, this can also change the mindset of the public especial on how to use Sanitary appliances in both public, homes and private places. As sankalpa we are looking for other stakeholders who can help us or work together in the implementation of sanitation programs. 

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