Self sustainable sanitation system


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Self sustainable sanitation system

Hi everyone

My name is Wessel Muller from New World Water & Sanitation . Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Our Company seeks to provide every household, especially those in rural areas as well as those in informal urban settlements, with water borne sanitation services. Our system does not require municipal connections and is very easy to install, easy to maintain and it provides dignity in sanitation where it is most needed. NWWS has, over a period of five years, commissioned the development of a unique and affordable, green sanitation system that will alleviate the tremendous backlog in the provision of water borne sanitation, not only in Africa, but also in many parts of the world. The NWWS Smartsan sanitation system significantly reduces the pressure on currently over-burdened urban municipal sewerage infrastructure and ensure speedy delivery of dignified water borne sanitation to rural and informal settlements in urban areas, especially in areas where no municipal water and sewerage connections exist. The NWWS SMARTSAN green sanitation product has the ability to make a significant contribution towards reducing the pressure on our diminishing natural water resources in South Africa, especially when used in large quantities in place of the expensive conventional sewage treatment infrastructure. It also removes the negative consequences and the impact on the environment caused by high density long-drop / dry-pit toilet systems. The Smartsan system is healthy and will significantly eliminate health risks that arise as a result of water borne diseases such as cholera, malaria etc. The system is designed in such a way that there is maximum aeration which, in turn, eliminates all bad smells and repels flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying insects.

The opportunity render the services, to manufacture, supply, market and maintain these products into the following sectors: Rural Areas (Because of the difficulty in installing water-borne sewerage due to topographic factors or to distances between villages), Rural Schools (with lack of infra structure), Farming Communities, Camp Sites, Holiday Sites, Special Events, Disaster Management and Densely Populated Informal Settlements. A full range of components, job creation, sharing of wealth and services will come from this product as never been seen or provided before.

The long term line of activities, products and services, shall consist in the areas of general commerce, civil construction and public works, farming, mining, forestry, fishing de-mining activities, hotels and tourism, land, rendering of import and export services and any other activity to expand its scope of business, enhance its success and assist in building the country within the framework of GO GREEN.

We at New World Water & Sanitation love what we do and we believe in our product,not only do we believe in our products but we believe that we as a company can make a difference in peoples lives living in rural areas by providing them with dignity in sanitation,saving more lives and eliminating some of the problems they experience in everyday life.

Its been a pleasure introducing myself and our company and im looking forward to any questions or comments .

If you would like to have a look at the product/concept please feel free to visit our website : ( New World Water & Sanitation )

You can also email me personally if you would like at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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