Introduction: Franziska Volk (GIZ, Germany)


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Introduction: Franziska Volk (GIZ, Germany)

Hi everyone!

I would like to introduce myself here at the SuSanA Forum.

Since the beginning of march I joined the SuSanA Sectretariat in Eschborn. Before that, I was already involved in the SuSanA India Chapter as a GIZ Intern in New Delhi, India. I only finished my Master's degree of Economics last year in the summer at Heidelberg University, with a focus on the lending criteria and effectiveness of aid funds. During my studies I already followed SuSanA as a member and engaged in fundraising-activites for water projects with Viva con Agua e.V. in Heidelberg.

I am looking forward to meeting many of our members here in the forum as well as in person.

I moved from the SuSanA Secretariat to the
Global Water Operators’ Partnerships Alliance (GWOPA) at UN-Habitat- visit at and follow @gwopa
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