Introducing Reall: A new partner organisation of SuSanA (UK)


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Introducing Reall: A new partner organisation of SuSanA

We would like to welcome Reall
from United Kingdom as a new SuSanA partner organisation!

The following text is taken from their application form and was written by the partner organisation themselves.

Description and Activities in Sustainable Sanitation:
Sanitation is vital for people’s wellbeing and health, but in dense urban areas low quality and unhygienic solutions frequently prevail. Pit latrines are quickly overloaded, and municipal sewerage systems rarely cover more than the central core of a city. The richest 20% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa is almost five times as likely to use an improved sanitation facility as the poorest quintile. Reall work predominantly in high density urban and peri-urban areas constructing incremental housing with associated infrastructure. Reall’s interventions benefit their low-income clients by using housing as a ‘nexus’ for the sustainable delivery of infrastructure including improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Contact person:
Andrew Maclean

[Posted by Madgdalena]
Posted by a member of the SuSanA secretariat held by the GIZ Sector Program Water Policy – Innovations for Resilience
Located at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Bonn, Germany
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