Staff at flagship organisation "Water and Sanitation for Africa" in Burkina Faso go on strike June 24, 2014


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Staff at flagship organisation "Water and Sanitation for Africa" in Burkina Faso go on strike June 24, 2014

From an article June 24, 2014 in Burkina 24.

According to the article published in Burkina24 by Noufou KINDO and Aboubakar KAMAGATE, the flagship organisation Water and Sanitation For Africa with its HQ in Burkina Faso is suffering from serious management setbacks forcing the staff to go on strike to draw world attention to the conflict.

Excerpted from the article written in French:
The staff of the Pan African Intergovernmental Agency Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA) observed a sit-in twelve hours, Tuesday, June 24, 2014, at the Agency's headquarters in Ouagadougou. Several items on a platform of demands were raised. They demand, the "departure without compromise" of the director of the institution, Idrissa DOUCOURE.

"Enough is enough" say officials of the WSA critics of the financial management climate and working conditions. According to the spokesman Mamadou Ouattara, the image of the institution is "tarnished" by the lack of trust between the President Executive Secretary of the WSA, Idrissa DOUCOURE and staff and between technical partners financial and other.

The striking staff demanded "the immediate payment in arrears of salaries. They say they have repeatedly tried to attract the attention of the administration, in public and in private, on the immense risks to the institution that is "in bankruptcy".
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