End of Trémolet Consulting


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End of Trémolet Consulting

End of Trémolet Consulting

I was sad to learn that Sophie Tremolet is closing down her Trémolet Consulting. Trémolet Consulting was in operation for 11 years, and they have carried out 150 assignments for a broad range of development partners.

Sophie Trémolet, who is also a fairly regular contributor on this forum, has now joined the World Bank as a Senior Economist in the Water Global Practice. She will be based in London and will work globally on issues ranging from urban sanitation to the definition of performance measures for institutional and financial sustainability in the water sector.

Other members of her team have moved elsewhere. Goufrane Mansour, a Muslim-sounding name, is now working for Aguaconsult, with a particular focus on water and sanitation financing. Marie-Alix Prat joined Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) on a range of infrastructure economics issues, including in the water sector.

Trémolet Consulting was a source of great publications for me. While their website (www.tremolet.com) will be there for sometime, and will continue to host the publications, I would request Sophie to kindly keep on working for sanitation in poor developing countries. Sanitation is poor in most developing countries. In Pakistan, for example, 82 per cent of Pakistan’s population consumes polluted drinking water and, there are 41 million people who do not have access to a toilet in Pakistan and as a result they are defecating in the open.

I wish Sophie all the success in her new World Bank position. I’m sure, this forum’s moderators will also wish her well, as after all, she has great contribution in sanitation marketing and finance.

F H Mughal
F H Mughal (Mr.)
Karachi, Pakistan

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